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  • An Elm to the Past

    This post is a complete run-down of bringing an Elm 0.18 app to the ancient past a.k.a. IE8+.

    • Elm
    • LegacyCode
    • Tech
    • Web
    2018-02-24, Saturday
  • Epic Links

    A collection of links that I found useful, inspired me and may bring you enjoyment and/or enlightenment as well.

    • Learning
    • Music
    • Selfimprovement
    • Tech
    2017-03-20, Monday
  • Hello Living Styleguide

    This is the living documentation for my own little set of responsive Block Element Modifier (BEM) based CSS layout blocks being used throughout my blog. Don't expect any content here :-).

    • BEM
    • HTML
    2017-01-18, Wednesday

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